Trump Welcomes Indian PM Modi to White House

On June 26, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump welcomed Indian Prime Minister to The White House. The primary agenda is to discuss ways to boost India-US strategic ties.

PM Modi has said the partnership between the businesses of India and the US can bear enormous fruits, worth many billions of dollars over the next decade. “The transformation of India presents abundant commercial and investment opportunities for American businesses. The rollout of the Goods and Services Tax on July 1 will, in a single stroke, convert India into a unified, continent-sized market of 1.3 billion people,” Modi wrote in an Op-ed article published in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

Indo-US cross-border investment is certainly growing tremendously especially within the EB-5 investment context. In 2014 less than 50 Indian investors opted for the EB-5 investor visa route to make their investment and immigration mark in the U.S., in 2015 that number grew to almost 100 and in 2016 a record 200+ and we expect the EB-5 application numbers to reach 300-400 this year. This would place Indian behind China in terms of the number of EB-5 investor applicants from India.

We expect President Trump and PM Modi among other things to discuss the highly contentious H-1B Speciality Occupation Visa Program. As we’ve blogged previously, the F-1 student visa track that leads to OPT, a lottery based H-1B visa and an eventual green card may not be a viable option anymore for aspiring students and professionals from India, and thus, EB-5 remains a more straightforward route. Of course, it goes without saying an investor applicant has to engage the right licensed and experiences professionals in order to minimize the immigration and investment risks associated with an EB-5 investment. With the right regional center due diligence, project due diligence and immigration due diligence, an investor can be confident about their decision and chances of success both on the immigration and investment fronts.


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