O Visa Overview

The O non-immigrant visa is for individuals that possess extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. The individual’s ability must have received some demonstrable national and/or international recognition and acclaim. The O non-immigrant visa allows the individual to temporarily work in the field of their specific extraordinary ability.

O Visa Challenges

Advisory Opinion

Candidates must obtain a written advisory opinion if no applicable peer group exists.

Alternative Options

Candidates must determine when the O-1 is the best option (O-1’s are usually filed because it is the ONLY option) or when there are better alternatives.

Demonstrating Achievements

While an individual candidate may meet the basic requirements, it is difficult to demonstrate that their achievements have risen to such a level as to be considered extraordinary (meeting the two-prong test that USCIS has developed for these cases).

O-Visa Assessment

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O-Visa Assessment Benefits

Learn how to obtain a written advisory opinion.

Review alternative visa strategies.

Determine whether the candidate’s achievements can meet USCIS requirements.