J-1 Visa

The J-1 non-immigrant visa category is designed for foreign students, scholars, experts, medical interns and residents, international visitors, and industrial and business trainees who are seeking to enter the United States as exchange visitors for the purpose of gaining practical experience, studying, or conducting research in their respective fields. Exchange visitors under the J-1 non-immigrant category must be affiliated to a government-approved exchange visitor program.

J-1 Visa Challenges

Validating Funds

Candidates must demonstrate sufficient funds (from salary, institutional, grant, or person) for the entire period of admittance.

Indicating Return to Country

Candidates need to demonstrate their intent to return home (the J-1 is an “exchange visa” and often has a mandatory requirement that the individual return home for no less than 2 years after their authorized stay).

Meeting Categorical Requirements

Candidates using the J-1 for employment purposes can face such challenges as using the correct category and meeting all categorical requirements.

J-1 Visa Solution