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Growing up in New York, Sofie Klapow experienced firsthand the invaluable contributions that immigrants have made to their communities, and the broader society. “It is impossible,” she says, “to imagine the USA without the innovations that immigrant communities have brought to our country.” Her sympathy for immigrants and their experiences has informed here practice as an immigration attorney. “I believe that being an immigration attorney allows me to assist in bettering our society,” she avers.

At FGI, Sofie assists clients in the IT domain. Her background in humanitarian immigration has shaped her compassionate approach to her clients’ concerns. “I understand,” she says, “that there is a human being behind every client we help. Each client deserves to feel like they are in safe hands when it comes to their immigration matters.”

Sofie earned her B.S. in Criminology from Pennsylvania State University and her J.D. from the University of Michigan School of Law. Prior to working for FGI, she worked in humanitarian immigration for unaccompanied minors, most commonly for asylum and special immigrant juvenile status. In her free time, Sofie enjoys traveling (Netherlands, England, Wales, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Belgium, Mexico), completing Lego sets, and tennis. Asked to define her approach to legal immigration, Sofie replied, “everyone deserves an equal shot at their chances for a better future for themselves and their families.”

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