4 Consequences if U.S. EXIT’s NAFTA

1) Increased migration from south of the border

Mexico’s growth during NAFTA, although mediocre compared to expectations and other Latin American countries, has been enough to reduce net migration to zero.

2) Higher prices, fewer goods for Americans

While adopting trade barriers such as ending NAFTA might serve as a temporary protection for the 12.3 million American jobs in manufacturing—about 9 percent of the labor force—this would also result in higher prices and restricted options for all Americans.

3) Allowing China to swoop in

If the U.S. voluntarily retreats from the economic world stage, other countries will not miss the opportunity to fill the vacuum left behind.

4) Promoting anti-American leaders in Mexico

 The strain in relations with Mexico will set the stage for the rise of decidedly anti-American candidates to power.


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