GERMANY – Lower Salary Threshold for IT Professionals through the EU Blue Card

An EU Blue Card may be obtained by Non-EU foreigners who are offered local employment by a German company, on the condition that they hold a university degree comparable to German standards and are to receive an annual salary of EUR 49.600 (2016).

Now, in certain shortage occupations, like information technology, the salary threshold is reduced to EUR 38.688 (2016) which offers an incredible advantage for immigration strategy for IT sector firms and their employees.

The EU Blue Card is the only German immigration permit that allows a person initially migrating to be employed in Germany to be leased out to a third party. This is of special value to the IT industry that often provides services to their customers on a contractual basis. Typically, in Germany this may be regarded as labor lease, which is subject to strong government regulations. With the EU Blue Card, this can be avoided.

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