BRAZIL – New Visa Application Website Launched

On February 29, 2016, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry (MRE) launched a new website for completing the visa application form for any category of Brazilian visa.

Compared to the previous system, the new visa application form website has more steps and additional questions and requires certain documents to be uploaded.

How Does It Work?      

The visa application form must be completed online here and supporting documents, digital photograph and signature uploaded as required for the specific visa type.

Note that opening the above-linked new visa application form website may trigger an “untrusted connection” message. This is because the security certificate that was issued for the site is not yet recognized by some browsers. This issue should eventually resolve itself.

A delivery receipt for the application form must be printed and submitted (with the applicant’s photograph attached) along with the required supporting documents, at the visa application appointment at the corresponding Brazilian Consulate.